Jan 19

Skype – The Do’s and Don’ts

Skype is a must have tool for every person who works online but there is an etiquette to Skype  which so many people just don’t know. If you use Skype the right way you can meet many new contacts and build relationships with people for business purposes.  Here are some very simple Do’s and Don’ts for Skype that will make your Skype experience alot more rewarding long term.


  • When requesting to add a contact make sure to have your name (not skype username) in the “add a personal message”
  • Let them know where you know them from and why you would like to add them as a contact, you will have alot more quality contacts this way.
  • Before calling a contact on Skype, send them a message and ask if they are available for a call
  • Make sure to have your website link in your profile on Skype – It’s free advertising!
  • Do keep in contact with your contacts – a simple “Hi, How are you going” is great and remember to send them best wishes on their birthday.
  • Do enjoy using Skype – it’s the best business tool and I couldn’t work without it!


  • Don’t add a contact and then immediately send them a link to join your program/biz. It’s tacky, disrespectful and you will be known as a spammer. Skype is great for building contacts,  but its quality contacts that you want.
  • Don’t call a contact on Skype without sending them a message first to see if they are available for a call. Skype is worldwide and we are all on different time zones and schedules.
  • Don’t open files on Skype from a person you hardly know, even if you do know them and trust them – make sure to ask them what the file is. I never open any files sent to me on Skype unless I am conversing with the person and am aware of the file they are sending thru. This is how people’s Skype Accounts get hacked into – the hackers send you a file/pic and once you click on it to save you have been hacked! The pic/file maybe from someone you know but there Skype may have already been hacked into and it’s actually the hacker sending you a file from your friends account – BE AWARE!!
  • Don’t expect people to accept your contact request if you haven’t added a personal message along with the request. When you receive a request it will be from the contacts Skype username and if that isn’t the same as there actual name it is hard to know who the person is.
  • Don’t send a Happy Birthday message to someone along with a Biz Opp link – That’s just down right RUDE!
  • Don’t be a spammer it doesn’t get you anywhere long term!

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