May 02

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things. We have all heard sometime in our lives “be careful what you wish for”, but do we really consciously think about what we are wishing for?

If you’re thinking that you would like “to have all the money in the world” Is that what you really want? To have all the money in the world would mean that no-one else in the world would have any money.

If you’re thinking “I wish that I could lose a few pounds”. Is that what you really want or is it to be motivated to be healthy and have a balanced lifestyle?

Your thought process can be changed immediately by being conscious of what you are thinking about right now. And as you continue to be conscious of your thoughts it will become a natural process for you.

So whether you are having positive or negative thoughts remember that “Thoughts Become Things“.

Your thoughts are your feelings, so when you are consciously thinking about what you wish for, you must also feel it as you are thinking about it.  Instead of being down in the dumps and thinking “I just wish I had ……”. Think about how it would make you feel to have whatever it is that you want, keep that feeling within you as you are are consciously thinking about it.

The below video of “Mike Dooley” is a favourite of mine along with Earl Nightingale’s “The Definition of Success, these videos and many many more are a constant reminder for me to know that I am the creator of my life and I am responsible for my life and everything that happens on my journey.

It is my pleasure to share this video by Mike Dooley with you all