May 17

What is a Vanity URL

What is a Vanity URL?

How do I get a Vanity URL?

Are Vanity Url’s an advantage for marketing and SEO?

What is a Vanity URLI have been connecting with a lot of people via social media sites – Twitter, Linkedin, Google and Facebook recently that are either unaware of  “What is a Vanity URL” , “How do I get a Vanity URL” or “How to create a Vanity URL”  for their Facebook fanpage.



I hope this will explain it for you 🙂

When creating a Business fan page in Facebook, your link to your business page will be something like this:


Once you have reached 25 “likes” on your fan page, Facebook allows you to claim and change the above long link to:


Keep in mind that when you are creating your Vanity URL – The name of your page may already be in use by someone else, Facebook will let you know if your Business name is available for a Vanity URL or not.

How to create a Vanity URL

  • Go to your Business Fan page
  • Click on “EDIT PAGE” – (located top right hand corner)
  • Click on “BASIC INFORMATION” tab (located on the left under “manage permissions”) or see pic above
  • Select your Username (Vanity URL)
  • If your Username (Vanity URL) is available click “SAVE CHANGES” at the bottom of the page.
  • If it’s not available choose another that is similar to what you want.
  • You will now see the below text next to Username, I have used mine only as an example.
Username: You can now direct people to www.facebook.com/SocialNetworkSites Learn more.

That’s it!! – It’s done!! You now have a Vanity URL for your Facebook Fan Page.

A few more tips for promoting your Business fan page

Rather than typing in your Vanity URL or long link on someone else’s business page, try this example below:

“Hi, you have a wonderful and very interesting page! I found you through Linkedin, Here is my Business Page SocialNetworkSitesI hope to connect with you there as well.”

With the above example where I have written SocialNetworkSites in my post, I first type the @ symbol then type Social, then Social Network Sites appeared in a drop down box for me to select – thus making “SocialNetworkSites” a clickable link going directly to SocialNetworkSites without typing in the link.

This keeps everyone’s Business Pages looking neat and tidy instead of looking like a spam fest!

Thank you to all those who have asked me the question “What is a Vanity URL“? I hope this has explained it for you and you can now get your own Vanity URL for your facebook page..