Mar 21

Overcome Fear

How do we Overcome Fear? Overcome Fear

What are the necessary steps to Overcome Fear?

In this inspiring video this 4th Grader shows how to Overcome Fear

I saw this video on Facebook and I swear my heart was racing as fast as this little girls!! It felt like I was the one making jump and I was one dealing with fear. As this little girls friend said in the video “the longer you wait you’ll be more scared”.

As we get older it takes a lot more to get over the fear factor. Remembering back to when I was 15yrs old and we went  to an Easter Carnival with all the rides and fun etc. I was so scared to go on the “Cha Cha” which was really one of the tamest of rides back then. But my friend and I had made friends with the operators at the carnival and were basically given free passes to all rides for the entire weekend. So the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time on the “Cha Cha” were the turning point of overcoming the fear – and by the 52nd time it was second nature to me!

Overcoming fears and anxiety is a fear in itself! You know what you need to do to overcome the fear but the fear of not being able to overcome it can outweigh the desire to overcome it.

One of my fears as a child was snow skiing, so I guess that’s why I can relate to this little girls fear so strongly – to the point of feeling it’s me up there trying to conquer my own fear. In my dreams I would be flying down the slopes without a care in the world! But in the real world it was the fear of not being in control and the fear of falling and taking down people with me – which I did often!! 🙂

I hope that when you watch this video it may just inspire you too, to overcome fear in whatever it is that is holding you back. Overcome Fear is now on the top of my “Bucket List” and I hope to be sharing my story soon 🙂

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