Jun 08

Unable to Copy Formulas in Excel, Paste Options or Paste Special Not Working on Excel 2010 – Solution

Are you all the sudden unable to copy formulas in excel? Here’s the solution.


If you just downloaded the latest Skype Version, this version automatically added on “Skype Click to Call” in your add-ons. You need to disable this add-on in your browser/s to make the copy and paste functions in Excel 2010 work properly again.

Although Skype is owned by Microsoft it seems that this new function for Skype (Skype Click to Call) isn’t compatible with the copy and paste functions of Excel 2010.

You probably noticed that all of a sudden anywhere on the internet where there was a phone number it enabled you to click it and call the number instantaneously. This would be great if it didn’t interfere with Excel spreadsheet functionality.

If you don’t use spreadsheets and formulas then leave as it is but if you require the functionality of copying and pasting formulas then you need to disable the Skype to Call function.

To solve the issue in IE (Internet Explorer)

Open IE

Click on Tools (top right hand corner) IE Tools Icon

Click on Internet Options

Internet Options IE

Click on Programs

Programs IE

Click on Manage Add-Ons

Manage Add-ons IE

Scroll down to “Skype Click to Call” and click on it

Manage Add-Ons IE 2


Then click on Disable – Done!!!

For Chrome:

Click on the spanner Icon top right of your Chrome browser

Chrome Tools Icon

Then click on Options

Click on Extensions

Then DISABLE for the “Skype Click to Call” Extension