Dec 07

New Years Resolution – Lose Weight, Make More Money, Quit Smoking

It seems to be the same New Years Resolution every year!

New Years Resolution

Top 10 New Years Resolution


LOSE WEIGHT – The Number 1 New Years Resolution


– Yes, this is the time when the Television, Radio, Internet & Newspapers are flooded with Weight Loss Programs and Fitness Centre Specials. We’ve tried everything possible from the Protein Diets, the Shake Diets to the Calorie Counting Diets etc etc.  And yet 90% will either give up the diet entirely within 30 days or will gradually go back to their prior eating habits. Weight Loss shouldn’t be just about Losing Weight, it should be about a Healthy long term Lifestyle, having more energy and having the right nutrition to create the correct Balance within.

Getting the Right Nutrition to Boost your Metabolism, Lose Weight & Feel Great!

2) QUIT SMOKING – Once again it all comes down to being Balanced within, when your Body is balanced you no longer crave the nicotine.

3) MAKE MORE MONEY – And yes it’s the same with Making More Money, when your Body is Balanced your mind is clearer, your thoughts are more positive which leads to endless opportunities for Making More Money.

4) SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY – A balanced lifestyle

5) IMPROVE FITNESS – Boost your Metabolism and raise your energy levels

6) ENJOY LIFE MORE – A Balanced Lifestyle

7) QUIT DRINKING ALCOHOL – Balanced within stops the outside cravings

8) GET OUT OF DEBT – A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle leads to a clearer mind to make choices regarding financial situations.

9) HELP OTHERS – Helping Others begins by helping yourself first, if you live a balanced life you are able to help others to achieve the same.

10) GET ORGANIZED – It all comes down to being balanced within, having more energy, and a clear mind.

All of the above resolutions can be kept easily as long as you choose to be Balanced within.  Having the correct nutrition that boosts your Metabolism and gives you endless amounts of energy will lead to a more fulfilling life in every area you need to improve or for every New Years Resolution you wish to conquer!

It All Starts with your nutrition – When our Body is Balanced we don’t need to make any of the above  New Years Resolutions as they will all fall into place. Make your 2013 the year to remember!!