Jul 17

On the Healthy Homes Mission

The Healthy Homes Mission is to get 10 million more “Healthy Homes” over the next 12mths

So – How Healthy & Safe is your home?

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Early this year I totally changed my eating habits and cut out all processed foods, all sugar etc I did this because I was diagnosed with Lupus and although the medical profession state there is no cure for Lupus I have researched and read that all diseases are reversible if you remove all processed foods and sugar from your diet and your diet is at least 80% raw.

So far I have already noticed that my symptoms for Lupus – which for me was chronic joint pain in the fingers, elbows and lower back has just about disappeared. I have no pain in the fingers and elbows any more and my back pain is no longer chronic. The added bonus is to date I have lost 11kgs (24 pounds) and my body shape has reverted back to what it was 20 years ago. So, if anyone tells you that once you’re over 40yrs old you will never get rid of the extra weight around your middle – It is NOT true! HH

My next step was to get rid of all toxic products in my household and replace them with safe products. I had already worked on my inner health and now was the time to work on the exterior.
My body was responding beautifully to what I was eating but I was still breaking out all the time and couldn’t work out why as my diet was/is so clean! I then sourced a company where I could changeover everything in my house from toothpaste to shampoo to make-up & skin care, and cleaning products – Actually I got rid of every product in the house and replaced it with safe products. Within a week or so I noticed my skin was flawless and it has stayed that way – first time in over 30 years!!!

Getting rid of every toxic product I had in my home was a real eye opener! I had no idea how many toxic cleaning products and personal care products I had. I only had to open a cupboard door to get the strong stench of chemicals come wafting out and straight up my nose!
The majority of my personal care products had SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) and Propylene Glycol which is used as an active ingredient in engine coolants as an antifreeze.

When you start reading up on the ingredients you have in the products in your house it is just plain scary to think that yourself, your kids, your loved ones and your animals are exposed to some the most carcinogenic toxic ingredients that there are! We breathe them in, or we put them on our skin and our children’s skin or we consume directly without even being aware of it.